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31. If a user is very computer-naive, he might see it as an unconditional panic button for extricating himself from a hopelessly tangled misadventure. A more experienced computer user might visualize Undo as a storage facility for deleted data. A really computer-sympathetic user with a logical mind might see it as a stack of procedures that can be undone one at a time in reverse order.
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32. Even embedded systems that are mostly stationary and secluded (like household appliances) have a strong contextual element: A host juggling plates of hot food for a dinner party is going to be distracted, not in a state of mind to navigate a cumbersome set of controls for a smart oven.
尽管有一些嵌入系统是静止的并且是用在隔离的场所下(比如家用电器),但它们都有明显的情境元素。 比如一个人在手忙脚乱地准备招待客人的晚餐时,肯定没有心思应付智能烤箱上复杂麻烦的控制系统。
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33. Of the Mind members surveyed, 80% said isolation made it harder for them to recover or cope with their mental health problems.
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34. When effectively devised and moderated, a formative evaluation opens a window to the user’s mind, allowing the designers to see how their target audience responds to the information and tools they’ve provided to help them accomplish their tasks.
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35. This is an efficient way to take advantage of the awesome power of the human mind to make inferences. However, this method also depends on the idiosyncratic human minds of users, which may not have the requisite language, knowledge, or inferential power necessary to make those connections.
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36. Don’t think of them as a convenience so much as a pipeline to the keyboard. Keep in mind that your most experienced users will rely heavily on their keyboards; so to keep them loyal, ensure that the mnemonics are consistent and thoroughly thought out.
不要认为它们是键盘的便利设施,必须谨记大多数经验丰富的用户非常依赖自己的键盘。 所以保持其忠诚,确保访问键前后一致,并且进行慎重考虑。
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37. People don’t linger long at transactional kiosks, and they are usually more willing to wait in line because they have a concrete end goal in mind. Explorational kiosks, on the other hand, encourage lingering, which makes them unattractive to onlookers.
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38. People’s or personas’ goals motivate them to behave the way they do. Thus, goals not only provide an answer to why and how personas desire to use a product but also can serve as a shorthand in the designer’s mind for the sometimes complex behaviors in which a persona engages and, therefore, for their tasks as well.
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39. Without getting too philosophical or theological, we can all hopefully agree that time has no meaningful beginning or end (at least within the perception of the human mind).
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40. It’s not good enough just to be able to see that the items are different. Keep in mind that a significant portion of the population is color-blind, so color alone is insufficient to distinguish between selections.
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