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31. While we believe that usability testing and user feedback is often most constructive during design refinement, there are certainly cases where it is useful as early as the Framework phase. (More discussion of usability testing can be found at the end of the chapter.)
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32. Because toolbars are idioms for perpetual intermediates rather than for beginners, the strictures against changing menu items don’t apply quite as strongly to individual toolbar controls. Removing the toolbar itself is certainly a dislocating change to a persistent object.
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33. While there may be a small amount of truth in this, the fact of the matter is that designing a good user experience for any platform requires careful consideration and hard work. Delivering the product through a browser certainly doesn’t get you this for free.
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34. Although a program’s minimal working set is almost certainly part of each user’s full working set, individual user preferences and job requirements will dictate which additional features are included.
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35. The axis of symmetry runs from lower left to upper right. Sovereign applications typically won’t exhibit such symmetry at the top level (they achieve balance through a well-designed grid), but elements within a well-designed sovereign interface will almost certainly exhibit use of symmetry to some degree (see Figure 14-5).
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36. This is not always appropriate or necessary, but given the mobility of today’s workforce and the popularization of telecommuting, it can certainly be of significant value to allow people to access the same tools and functionality from several different computers.
虽然并不一定要移动办公,或者移动办公并不总是最恰当的。 但对于今天的人们工作上的移动能力,以及远程通信的普及,如果可以让人们从不同地点不同计算机上访问同一个工具或者功能,这当然是大有裨益的。
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37. While the course of the design framework will certainly help to refine the design, decisions should be made at this point about the general size and shape of the product, the screen size (if any), the number and general orientation of hard and soft buttons, and if it has a touch screen, keyboard, voice recognition, and so on.
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38. Educational and entertainment-oriented kiosks are typically not a main attraction, but provide additional information and a richer experience for users who have come to see the main exhibits (though there are certainly a few museums, such as the Experience Music Project in Seattle, where interactive kiosks form the basis for some exhibits).
探索式信息亭系统最常出现的地方是博物馆和展览馆,教育和娱乐类的信息亭通常并不会吸引参观者的注意。 但它们提供了一些辅助性的信息,为参观者带来更为丰富的体验(不过有些博物馆和展览馆例外,比如西雅图的音乐体验项目展览,其中摆放的信息亭本身就是展品)。
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39. This dual mode, allowing either a single-click for a default-sized object or dragging a rectangle for a custom-sized object, is certainly the most flexible and discoverable method that will satisfy most users.
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40. By focusing on the narrative, we are able to quickly and flexibly arrive at a high-level design solution without getting bogged-down by the inertia and expense inherent to high-production-value renderings (though such renderings are certainly appropriate once a working design framework is in place).
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