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71. The difference between main memory and disk storage is not clear to most people, but unfortunately, the way we’ve historically designed software forces users—even your mom—to know the difference and to think about their documents in terms of the way a computer is constructed.
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72. With such a solution, your executive has to do the hard work of scrutinizing several of these reports to find the significant data underlying such exceptions and trends. Much better solutions might include data-driven exception reporting or real-time trend monitors.
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73. In the early days of the Web boom, the industry was flooded with fresh design school graduates, traditional graphic designers, and young enthusiasts who saw the Web as an exciting and lucrative opportunity to create compelling communication through new forms of interactive visual expression.
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74. The icon identifying each function or facility should be shown on every artifact of the user interface that deals with it: each menu, each butcon, each dialog box, every mention in the help text, and every mention in the printed documentation.
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75. A wide variety of other forms of research are used by design and usability professionals, ranging from detailed task analysis activities to focus groups and usability tests. While many of these activities have the potential to contribute to the creation of useful and desirable products, we have found the qualitative approach described in this chapter to provide the most value to digital product design.
设计师和可用性工作者还使用许多其他研究工具,包括详细任务分析、焦点小组,以及可用性测试,其中不少工作同样有助于创造有用并宜人的产品。 然而我们认为,本章所描述的定性研究对于数码产品设计的帮助最大。
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76. Data elements are typically the fundamental subjects of interactive products. These objects, such as photos, e-mail messages, customer records, or orders, are the basic units to be referred to, responded to, and acted upon by the people using the product, and ideally should fit with the personas’ mental models.
数据元素通常是交互产品中的一些基本主体,比如一些对象,包括相片、电子邮件、客户记录及订单等,这些都是一些使用产品的人们可以访问、可以响应,也可以操作的基本个体。 并且在理想情况下,应该符合人物角色的心理模型。
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77. Usability testing is also not the same as user research. For some practitioners, “tests” can include research activities such as interviews, task analyses, and even creative “participatory design” exercises. This is conflating a variety of needs and steps in the design process into a single activity.
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78. Unlike the visual language studies, these are not abstract composites but rather represent various looks applied to the specific form factors and input mechanisms determined in Steps 1 and 2. These studies include shape, dimensionality, materials, color, and finish.
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79. If a printer is missing, the message box should offer options for deferring the printout or selecting another printer. If the database is hopelessly trashed and useless, it should offer to rebuild it to a working state, including telling the user how long that process will take and what side effects it will cause.
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80. The best narrative quickly introduces the persona in terms of his job or lifestyle, and briefly sketches a day in his life, including peeves, concerns, and interests that have direct bearing on the product.
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