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71. While applications on handhelds typically do provide some functions in the form of buttons, due to screen real-estate limitations, toolbars and more direct idioms are not always possible, so the only way to provide access to the vast majority of functions is through a menu system.
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72. The quality of the data gathered following the process (outlined in Chapter 4) directly impacts the efficacy of personas in clarifying and directing design activities. Other data that can support and supplement the creation of personas include (in rough order of effectiveness):
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73. Goal-Directed scenarios are an iterative means of defining the behavior of a product from the standpoint of specific users (personas). This includes not only the functionality of the system, but the priority of functions and the way those functions are expressed in terms of what the user sees and how she interacts with the system.
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74. Visual elements should also be part of a cohesive and globally applied visual language. This means that similar elements should share visual attributes, such as how they are positioned, their size, line weight, and overall style, contrasting only what is important to differentiate their meaning.
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75. This chapter has focused on qualitative research aimed at gathering user data that will later be used to construct robust user and domain models that form the key tools in the Goal-Directed Design methodology described in the next chapter.
本章集中关注定性研究,目标是要收集后面将用到的用户数据(在下一章中将描述),构造健壮的用户和领域模型。 在此基础上,形成目标导向设计合成中的关键工具。
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76. Persona-based scenarios are concise narrative descriptions of one or more personas using a product to achieve specific goals. They allow us to start our designs from a story describing an ideal experience from the persona’s perspective, focusing on people, and how they think and behave, rather than on technology or business goals.
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77. In general, interfaces should use simple geometric forms, minimal contours, and a restricted color palette comprised primarily of less-saturated or neutral colors balanced with a few high-contrast accent colors that emphasize important information.
一般说来,界面应该使用简单的几何形状和最小的轮廓。 颜色的数量要严格限制,并且应该较为不饱和的颜色或者中性颜色为主,可适当加入一些高对比作为强调重要信息的颜色。
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78. One of the most powerful tools for doing so is market segmentation, which typically uses data from focus groups and market surveys to group potential customers by demographic criteria (such as age, gender, educational level, and home zip code) to determine what types of consumers will be most receptive to a particular product or marketing message.
它将具有不同需求的人们进行分组,确定什么类型的消费者最容易接受某种特定的产品或者市场消息。 市场人员根据一组人口统计学变量,诸如年龄、性别、教育程度、居住位置来划分消费者,这些原始数据的收集通常通过结合市场调研和焦点小组的方式进行。
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79. We develop the industrial design framework in much the same manner as the visual design framework, but because the form factor and input method have significant implications for both the industrial and interaction design, it’s useful to collaborate early to identify relevant issues.
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80. A user places a call as quickly as possible and then abandons the interface in favor of the conversation. The best interface for a phone is arguably nonvisual.
某人在和别人面对面谈话时,突然需要打电话,于是他最快速度打了一个电话。 之后迅速离开了手机界面,这样做是为了对与其谈话的人表示起码的礼貌。
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