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81. Your desk, if it is like ours, is covered with papers; when you want to read or edit one, you pull it out of the pile, lay it on top, and get to work.
如果你的书桌与作者的一样,那么它一定堆满了纸张。 当你想阅读或编辑其中之一时,必须从一大堆文稿中找到它,把它放到最上面,然后才能开始。
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82. Keep these challenges in mind as you design direct manipulation idioms—some amount of direct manipulation is usually a good thing, but depending on the skills and usage contexts of your personas, it’s also possible to go overboard.
所以我们设计直接操作习惯用法时要记住这些挑战,一定数量的直接操作通常是件好事。 但这也要看人物角色的使用情境和技能水平,因为弄不好可能就是失败的结果。
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83. Web sites, as described, can easily be conceived of as sets of pages or documents organized sequentially or hierarchically, with a navigation model to take users from one page to another, as well as a search facility to a provide more goal-directed location of specific pages.
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84. You must also leave room in the display to show the state of associated hardware controls, or better yet, use controls that can display their own state, such as hardware buttons with lamps or hardware that maintains a physical state (for example, toggles, switches, sliders, and knobs).
另外,你必须还要在显示屏上为物理控制留出显示状态的位置,或者用一个更好的方法直接在物理控制上显示其自身的状态。 比如硬件按键内嵌有指示灯,或者硬件本身可以保持一定的物理状态(例如套索、开关、滑块及旋钮)。
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85. If the former, we proceed as already discussed. But if the user desires the latter, the application must automatically scroll (auto-scroll) in the direction of the drag to reposition the selection at a distant, not currently visible location in the same document.
如果是前者,我们可按前面讨论过的继续;如果用户期望的是后者,应用程序则必须朝着拖动的方向自动滚屏。 然后定位到一定距离的位置,而不是这个文档中当前可见的位置。
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86. This is not always appropriate or necessary, but given the mobility of today’s workforce and the popularization of telecommuting, it can certainly be of significant value to allow people to access the same tools and functionality from several different computers.
虽然并不一定要移动办公,或者移动办公并不总是最恰当的。 但对于今天的人们工作上的移动能力,以及远程通信的普及,如果可以让人们从不同地点不同计算机上访问同一个工具或者功能,这当然是大有裨益的。
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87. We’ve found that clear articulation of user experience goals and business objectives is invaluable even when it comes to designing the aspects of a visual interface that support brand identity, user experience, and visceral response. (See Chapter 5 for more about visceral processing.)
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88. While there are instances where this may be warranted, any design choice that divides the user’s attention between two displays (the TV and the remote) runs the risk of creating user confusion and annoyance.
尽管有一些成功的例子,但是任何具有两个显示屏(电视屏和遥控器上的小显示屏)的设计方案都可能分散用户注意力。 这具有一定的风险,用户可能会被搞得迷惑不解,进而感觉很讨厌。
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89. Handheld devices present special challenges for interaction designers. Because they are designed specifically for mobile use, these devices must be small, lightweight, economical in power consumption, ruggedly built, and easy to hold and manipulate in busy, distracting situations.
手持设备的交互设计有特殊的挑战,由于是专为移动使用而设计,所以这些设备一定要小而轻,还要省电。 表面还要粗糙一些才容易把握,而且还要在嘈杂繁忙的环境中容易操作。
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90. Don’t show information simply because it’s technically possible to do so. Make sure that any information you display will help your users achieve particular goals that are relevant to their context. Unreliable or otherwise poor-quality information will damage the trust you must build with users through your product’s content, behavior, and visual brand.
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a. sure fixed proper constant
ad. anytime
v. be bound to be certain to

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