1.If they haven't master these skills, they could not find a good job or get a good salary.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:WHCL NP NP AUXP VP or VP CHAR
2.First, environments influence you salary different kinds of countries has different standard of the work in the developed countries earn more than that in developing countries.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:NP VP CHAR
3.You may get into a better company and earn much salary than who is less-educated at first, but you should know how to combine your knowledge with your job.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:VP VP CHAR
4.Third, communication and colleague relationship could also influence one's salary and position in his job.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:AVP NP AUXP AVP influence NP CHAR
5.However, well-educated should not be regarded as the principle of salary-paying.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:AJP VP CHAR
6.In conclude, a normal school provide you only the opportunity to strengthen your ability, and is not a mark of "higher salary".
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:VP , VP CHAR
7.College graduates paying all cost of study contributes to their higher salary.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:NP contribute PP CHAR
8.Some students though the salary is lower than they expected.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:QUANP student SUBCL CHAR
9.Besides, you have to pay high salary for him.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:AVP NP have INFCL CHAR
10.But I heared that a college graduates could get the same salary with the less well-educates, Why?
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:but VP CHAR