1.So, I think one's level of position and salary can't be judged by nothing but the ability and experience, smart boss should know this theory and it is not necessary to talk about how much you paid before, we just need to care what you have now.
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2.It often comes out that it's more difficult for a proper or high salary that there've also many successors who are not well-educated.
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3.College graduates are more knowledgable than the less well-educated, however, it doesn't mean that they're good enough to take up the jobs offered by the job market, nor does it mean that they to get a good job or a good salary.
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4.Also, it's possible for a less well-educated to earn a higher salary if he or she makes an effort.
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5.In a word, it's advisable that college graduates earn higher salaries, because knowledge deserves higher salary.
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6.If you want to enjoy a higher salary or a more comfortable life, now enjoy your pains.
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7.So I was quite agree with that the graduates had paid their cost of their study, therefore, they deserves higher salary.
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8.Incidentally, if the less educated people earns the higher salary.
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9.So, it's surly a better situation to let more educated people get higher position and salary to let the world to be in the charge of knowledge.
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10.Since it's regarded that it will make you get a higher salary job after graduation.
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