1.If a man or woman gets a high salary, he or she will lead a comfortable life.
来源:中国学习者 句型:WHCL NP AUXP lead NP CHAR
2.Second, the salary also can satisfy his or her psychological needs.
来源:中国学习者 句型:AVP NP AVP AUXP satisfy NP CHAR
3.The salary is a symble of his or her success.
来源:中国学习者 句型:NP be NP CHAR
4.What he or she has done is affirmed through the high salary that he or she gets.
来源:中国学习者 句型:WHCL AUXP affirm PP COMPCL CHAR
5.Christine Craft, a Kansas TV anchor earned $38,500 a year, half of her male co-anchor's $75,000 salary Even so, her boss once said to her, "you are too old, too unattractive, and not sufficiently deferential to men".
来源:中国学习者 句型:NP say PP COMPCL CHAR
6.Secondly, if the women are finally employed, their salary male colleagues though they do the same kind of work.
来源:中国学习者 句型:VP NP CHAR
7.Most companies, for instant One reason I suggested is that they have to pay the salary to women who are going to bear children and could not work.
来源:中国学习者 句型:QUANP company CHAR PP CHAR
8.Thus, I think that the company of the husband and that of the wife can share to pay the salary.
来源:中国学习者 句型:AVP NP think COMPCL CHAR
9.It is very difficult to get same salary, same number of officials in govermental institutions, because the women don't have enough ability, although they have enough energy.
来源:中国学习者 句型:VP , VP CHAR
10.At the present time, many women have become professionalists with high standard of education occupies herself with a profession, however, most of the time she would work on an employment with a salary which does not match up to her knowledge and qualification.
来源:中国学习者 句型:VP VP AVP CHAR