1.We do our work in the factory or laboratory or office and get salary as a reward.
来源:中国学习者 句型:NP VP and VP CHAR
2.To get more salary, one must try his best to work hard, to make more distribution to his company, to the society.
来源:中国学习者 句型:INFCL NP AUXP try NP CHAR
3.In addition, some students aware that their potential jobs are not fit with their majors, but the attraction of high salary and favorable conditions outweighs other disadvantages.
来源:中国学习者 句型:QUANP student AJP CHAR
4.People work very hard for a high salary.
来源:中国学习者 句型:NP work AVP CHAR
5.Instead he should be responsible for his selfishness instead of receiving light salary.
来源:中国学习者 句型:AVP NP AUXP be AJP CHAR
6.Regardless of the difference of sex, people should get their pay in terms of their performance in job If a woman does much better in her work than a man, she should be raised to a higher position and enjoy higher salary.
来源:中国学习者 句型:VP VP CHAR
7.In China, it doesn't surprise to discover that a taxi driver can make more money than a lawyer; a professor's salary couldn't keep up with that of a shop assistant.
来源:中国学习者 句型:VP ; VP CHAR
8.In some country, the United States for exemple if a man or woman contributes a lot to the society, he or she will get a high salary.
来源:中国学习者 句型:PP NP AUXP get NP CHAR
9.Individuals can benefit a lot from the salary.
来源:中国学习者 句型:NP AUXP benefit NP CHAR
10.First, the salary can meet their physical needs.
来源:中国学习者 句型:AVP NP AUXP meet NP CHAR