1.From the job, they can get promotion, higher salary and so on.
来源:中国学习者 句型:PP NP AUXP get NP CHAR
2.Second, some people complain of the salary, the working condition and so on.
来源:中国学习者 句型:AVP NP complain PP CHAR
3.The second of all , the salary was too low, so he always changes his jobs.
来源:中国学习者 句型:AVPNP NP be AVP CHAR
4.But as we all know, someone likes changing his job constantly because this job hasn't enough salary to support his family, or because he wants to challenge the life and proves his abilities, even because he thinks he can know which job is most fit for him by doing this.
来源:中国学习者 句型:SUBCL VP NP CHAR
5.Some one like constantly, because they don't like the present job or want more salary.
来源:中国学习者 句型:QUANP one PP CHAR
6.If possible, please send me some information about the salary.I look forward to hearing from you soon.Yours faithfully,Qiu qiaoqing harmful to people's health.
来源:中国学习者 句型:VP NP CHAR
7.It was equal to half of his monthly salary.
来源:中国学习者 句型:NP be AJP CHAR
8.Because of the economic reforms in China, many state-owned enterprises have to lay off many workers or reduce their salary.
来源:中国学习者 句型:PP NP have INFCL CHAR
9.To find a job nowadays is really difficult, especially a job with high salary and good contition.
来源:中国学习者 句型:INFCL NP CHAR
10.A good and high salary job often require the employee with good quality.
来源:中国学习者 句型:NP require NP CHAR