1.The college graduates work one or two hours equal the less well-educates work ten or more hours, Do not think that is unfair, they pay equal their salary, Following the develop society, which requires people must master more and more knowledge.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:VP AJP VP CHAR
2.Every graduate wants to get a good job with high salary after graduation, it's time that well-educated graduates are more possible to earn higher salaries than less well-educates people.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:VP , VP CHAR
3.Every company would only employ the more capable person and pay them more salary.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:NP AUXP VP and VP CHAR
4.It is a common thing that a college graduate can earn a higher salary than a less well-educated one does.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:NP be NP CHAR
5.So in a word, well educated doesn't promise you higher salary.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:AVP AUXP promise NP NP CHAR
6.So we should not complain about the differences in our salary and treatment.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:AVP NP AUXP AVP complain PP CHAR
7.In my opinion, no matter how high you degree is, your salary should be equal to your cost and ability.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:PP NP VP CHAR
8.They may always compete with others to own a better position, a better job, and higher salary and so on.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:NP AUXP AVP compete PP INFCL CHAR
9.Certainly, a good salary might buy you a more lavish vacation, a better car, a more comfortable life, but it's not likely to buy you much happiness.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:VP but VP CHAR
10.They think like this, "I must study harder, and go to a famous university and then I can have a good job, a good salary then a wonderful living condition."
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:NP think COMPCL CHAR