1.Some dream of a good wife or a hushand , some admire other people's high social position or salary.
来源:中国学习者 句型:NP NP admire NP CHAR
2.They like high salary.
来源:中国学习者 句型:NP like NP CHAR
3.Maybe they long for high salary and equal opportunity.
来源:中国学习者 句型:AVP NP long PP CHAR
4.For example, in Japan, if you work more time than others, you will have more chance to get high rank, and good salary.
来源:中国学习者 句型:AVP PP NP AUXP have NP CHAR
5.In a short, such people like the job more important than the salary.
来源:中国学习者 句型:PP NP like SC CHAR
6.Such people are almost look the job less important than the salary.
来源:中国学习者 句型:NP be INFCL CHAR
7.Many people are always having the same job for many years even for all their life time, especially of the old man and woman, perhaps it's because they like the steady rythem such as the regular working time, the working conditions or the steady salary.
来源:中国学习者 句型:VP VP CHAR
8.Because they expect to assure the stability of his position and salary, which is considered as a common sense.Some are inclined to shift job.
来源:中国学习者 句型:SUBCL NP be AJP CHAR
9.First, they may look for other jobs with high salary.
来源:中国学习者 句型:AVP NP AUXP look PP CHAR
10.Thirdly, one's position and salary may steadily increase with the time prolong in a firm.
来源:中国学习者 句型:VP VP CHAR