1.We should overcome this shortcoming and improve our spoken English.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:NP AUXP VP and VP CHAR
2.The best ways to overcome press are to work effectively, open up your mind and have a suitable rest sometimes.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:NP be INFCL CHAR
3.In addition, junior students could share senior students' experience about how to overcome the difficulty they have ever met, how to adjust to the new environment with the senior students.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:AVP NP AUXP share NP CHAR
4.In order to overcome the inconvenience of fixed telephones, people take great effort to inent mobile phones which enable us to keep in touch with each other anywhere.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:INFCL NP NP take NP CHAR
5.With a good mood and a strong body, what difficulty that you can not overcome?
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:PP COMPCL CHAR
6.In the view of mine, the government should carry out more powerful ways to aid them to overcome frustration and regain confidence.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:PP NP AUXP carry PRT AVPNP INFCL CHAR
7.They'll encounter many realistic difficulties that the great love can't overcome.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:NP AUXP encounter NP CHAR
8.Cooperation can help people overcome many difficulties together.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:NP AUXP help NP INFCL CHAR
9.Because competition provides an incentive that makes people go ahead whereas cooperation makes people overcome obstacles and makes people achieve their work efficiently and excellently.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:SUBCL NP make INFCL CHAR
10.It helps the young people to learn how to communicate with person whether they know of or not and overcome various of difficulties in life.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:VP AVP VP CHAR