1.But I think that studying abroad is not so easy and it needs the students' courage and determination to overcome all the difficulties.
来源:中国学习者 句型:but VP CHAR
2.It's a pity that some people can't overcome the difficulties and have to come back home without getting a degreed.
来源:中国学习者 句型:NP be NP CHAR
3.I remember she said 'Everyone has the time in trouble.If you challenge yourself to overcome the difficulties, you will become braver.
来源:中国学习者 句型:NP remember COMPCL CHAR
4.Chinese people began to have a clear idea about euthanasia and regard it a way to confront the hard life and overcome the environment to become a hero rather than an evil way to kill others.
来源:中国学习者 句型:NP begin INFCL CHAR
5.And even they'll overcome the illness.
来源:中国学习者 句型:and VP CHAR
6.But at present, we still have many difficulties to overcome.
来源:中国学习者 句型:but VP CHAR
7.Above all, they learn how to challenge and overcome dificulties During the period of peace, what they learn in the service will have great influence in their later life.
来源:中国学习者 句型:AVP NP VP and VP CHAR
8.The aim of the women's movement is to overcome the legal, economic, and other inequalities that have been termed institutionalized sexism.
来源:中国学习者 句型:NP be INFCL CHAR
9.And it seems impossible for all the men to overcome it.
来源:中国学习者 句型:and VP CHAR
10.Of course, you will encounter many difficulties that you can't overcome.
来源:中国学习者 句型:AVP NP AUXP encounter NP CHAR