1.B: <laugh> And ... eh ... when we receive college education in China, and then we will be mature enough to face many difficulties just prompt up to us and we will overcome those frustrations and difficulties.
来源:中国学生口语V1 句型:VP AVP WHCL CHAR
2.But I think if they had thought about it, they'll ... overcome all the difficulties I think ... eh ... the ... female students can ... work ... as well as ... those ... male students.
来源:中国学生口语V1 句型:SUBCL COMPCL CHAR
3.Eh ... they have ... I think they have more strong wills ... to overcome those ... difficulties ... when they are ... going for the research.
来源:中国学生口语V1 句型:AVP COMPCL NP think COMPCL CHAR
4.The problem of environment, I think, it's not too hard to overcome.
来源:中国学生口语V1 句型:VP , VP CHAR
5.The female student ... is able to ... overcome the ... this kind of problems.
来源:中国学生口语V1 句型:NP VP AJP NP CHAR
6.I think ... um ... men are stronger enough to overcome the difficulties in work ... in bad conditions.
来源:中国学生口语V1 句型:NP think AVP COMPCL CHAR
7.But woman are weak, they have not enough power to overcome difficulties <difficult is> in wild so I think it's ... it's quite a problem, so I think ... um ... um ... men are suitable than women to work in this field.
来源:中国学生口语V1 句型:VP VP AJP CHAR
8.Body language can help you overcome the nervousness and attracts the audience I think.
来源:中国学生口语V1 句型:NP VP and VP CHAR
9.You will overcome this difficulty.
来源:中国学生口语V1 句型:NP AUXP overcome NP CHAR
10.I believe you will overcome these things.
来源:中国学生口语V1 句型:NP believe COMPCL CHAR