1.If one person decides to compete, then he must make every effort to overcome the trouble he may encounter.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:VP then VP CHAR
2.Besides, teaching students to deal with problems, overcome the difficulties in their lives and studies, and teaching them to get along with people around them are among the functions I think college education should have.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:VP and VP CHAR
3.Well, first you couldn't get those guys' whole attention as you are not a big deal, you will see they bow to those car-owners not you, do not be upset that's a common sense - money can overcome anything.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:VP VP VP CHAR
4.At the same time, high school, especially senior high school, should give the students some courses on how to relax and overcome the trouble and pressure.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:PP NP AUXP give NP NP CHAR
5.In addition, students have to face the great pressure of college entrance examinations, which could improve their ability of overcome the difficulty.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:VP VP CHAR
6.We become strong to overcome difficulties and get a good deal of knowledge.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:NP become AJP CHAR
7.Finally, during the university education, students will suffer much difficulties, so the university education should help them and let them know how to overcome difficulties, besides, it should tell them to keep a good mood.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:VP VP CHAR
8.In the course of the cooperation, we can overcome our weaknesses by acquiring other's strong points.
来源:中国学生笔语V2 句型:PP NP AUXP overcome NP CHAR
9.She seemed a quiet obedient at first ... Eh ... , I was so nervous that ... near ... I was so near near ... that nearly overcome ... I was overcome with fear and didn't know what to say.
来源:中国学生口语V1 句型:NP seem NP COMMENT INFCL CHAR
10.Everybody ... may have <has> many friends, but only those ... who can point out your weakness and help you overcome it are <is> the most helpful ... and valuable ... in the world.
来源:中国学生口语V1 句型:NP VP VP CHAR